About Paintings and Drawings

First there was a line. Or a stain. Or a smear. Anyway, the white page must be attacked !

Drawings and paintings follow almost the same paths as the sculptures – but sometimes backwards, on the side, by intermittancy. The technique is secondary and the most important is the path, not the arrival.

”Miravigliosa” - 2007

Copper plate, 40x50 cm

The copper has a fantastic spectrum of colours that can be revealed with simple chemical processus – but there is no going back ! Once the surface has been bitten you have to do with what you have done.


”Terrae Incognitae XIII - 2010

Copper, paper, 30x40 cm

For the exhibition ”Voiles du Temps, le Vent l´emportera” at Dieppe Museum in 2011, my researches were based on Ovidius' ”Metamorphosis” and Borges's ”Library of Babel”. I imagined a whole continent in an unknown ocean with it´s cartography and the veils of an armada of paper-carried vessels.


”Cosmos II” - 2014

Pastel on cardboard, 50x65 cm

What a great source of inspiration, the space and it's exploration !

”Holidays”- 2010

Mixed media on paper, 20x30 cm

”Battle of Wills” - 2013

Charcoal on paper, 80x120 cm